Electricity so fine...look and dry your eyes

Weird morning this morning was. I got up and did the 30 minute treadmill thing and while ironing my clothes there were Joe Jackson songs going through my head. It was kind of strange – a bit of a throwback to the days when I was a teen and feeling so conflicted like all teens do at times. Listening to the CD Player in the car rather than NPR was also a way to get back in touch with these feelings of loneliness, isolation, being out of the mainstream, different…all though things that lead me into a darkness that only God had the ability to bring me out of. How was I to know that the root of the problem wasn’t that I was persecuted rather that I was a sinner in a sin-filled world? I couldn’t know that unless someone told me. Someone did and He saved me from the consequences of my sin.

Am I better equipped than my parents were in communicating with my boys when they come to me with the problems they will inevitably face? I don’t know about that. My mom and dad did well as they guided me through the mine fields that the enemy laid in hopes of destroying me. They sacrificed so that I could meet truly significant people that helped me in my journey deep into the heart of God. We’ll do the same for our boys. I want them to know that the subjective feelings and truth exploration that so many people engage in cannot hold a candle to the principles and commandments we find in the Bible. I want them to know that God’s will is knowable because, in His great love, He wanted it to be known. I want them to dig deep into the Bible when they face crises in their lives. I want them to know that their feelings are never going to serve as an effective determinant of the truth.

I need to pursue this in ever-increasing measure in my life. Model for them the rich storehouse of peace that the Bible is for our troubled times. I want them to love God, love their neighbor, and love His Word (in that order). If they do I will go to the grave in peace and rejoice with them when He calls each of us into His presence to know as we are known. Remember me, Lord, as I will be not as I am!


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