I got to know your name. And I must know who you are. goldilox by King’s X

Was it a snap? Or a click? Was it the feeling my son shows on his face when he places the puzzle pieces together and a picture begins emerge? Was it the sip of water that quietly cools the parched throat after a hour’s work in the Summer sun? Was it the quiet peace that consumes the heart after the realization that you are needed? Was it the contentedness that follows the satisfaction of meaningful work? Yes, all of this and more when I married my wife. There is a peace when I come home and see her there. There is a joy when she smiles and there is a sense that I have been completed. That I, more accurately and completely, reflect my heavenly Father when we are in ministry together.

My life is a mist that is quickly burnt off in the morning sun. But what sweetness in this mist when we became one flesh and I lose myself in her.


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