Amen indeed

Perhaps the most significant conversation I ever had with a Christian (save the one that led me to Christ in the first place) was one with Pastor Jim Thurber who was the pastor at Clarkson Community Church when I was going to school at SUNY Brockport. We were discussing the fact that a church in the area did not believe in the Trinity:

“Pastor,” I began, “one of the reasons that this church does not believe in the Trinity is that they feel the confinement of the Son of God to a body from His incarnation and on through eternity is, in affect, an eternal humiliation of Him.”

Pastor Thurber’s eyes got wide (as they often did when he was excited). He just about leaped out of his chair and loudly exclaimed, “Amen!” After composing himself he continued, “Mark, the Trinity has withstood fiercer attacks than this.”

Thank you, Pastor. And, yes, Amen, indeed!    


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