Through and through

Well, that seemed to work. Yet another blog entry from Word.

Through and through – our walk and hearts need to be in line. Eventually we act the way we think and believe. Is it a flash of anger at home? An apathetic glance to the man on the corner who is more hungry than proud? An afternoon of idleness instead of doing what we ought to be doing? Yes, we will act out what we believe. It will come to consume our hands and eyes. Soon we will be overtaken. Such is the course of a white-washed tomb.

We tiled our bathroom. When we were looking for tile we looked at the edge of the ones we were buying. The cheaper tile had the color on the very top and maybe a third of the way through the depth of the tile. The more expensive ones had the color through the entire tile. These were the ones we wanted. These are the ones God wants. His true instruments are never out of tune. His true Instrument never was. He was, through and through, God’s Son and this sinner’s Savior.

I don’t want to be full of dead man’s bones that rattle and clank like skeletons copulating on a tin roof. I want to be true to Him to the depths of my heart. Lord, teach me what that means!


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