Power perfected in weakness - Part 1?

This may be a multi-part post. It really depends on how far I get in this one or how bored I get of the topic after this is posted. Thinking about my present state of perfection in my God-given position (my past, present, and future salvation) and my imperfection in practice (genuine screw up and far too-often sinner) I find myself a man still in need of a savior. My need for Christ did not cease when I placed all of my trust in him to unite me with God through the forgiveness of my sins. It continues to this day as he perfects me through the struggles I have against my tendency to sin, offend, and even screw up the plumbing. And God would have it no other way.

Tucked away in the New Testament are Paul's teachings on boasting about his own weaknesses. Now, when I boast, I call to my mind, and others' minds, certain things that are true about me or that I think are true about me. Usually these are positive things that I think merit my contemplation and I invite others to contemplate them as well. These serve to puff me up and make me look good, self-sufficient, and maybe even supremely talented. Of course, God through Paul turns all of this on its ear by saying that I must call to mind(s) my weaknesses. Not so that I can have people focus on me and how "awful" I have it, but so that people will see my flaws so clearly that they will marvel at God's power to accomplish his will in my life in spite of (in concert with?) my weaknesses.

It is almost like a blind man who can walk the New York City streets with great agility or deftness. We marvel at his ability and courage. What if people knew my heart with as much clarity as the man's blindness? I mean really knew it? They may couple this with "But, you did such and such and that really deepened my walk with God." or "I know that you did this and that and I can't believe that you are what you say you are because you love God and love people." or "Your kids are great, how could that be true about you?" The only possible answer would be "God's power. God's strength. I am only useful in the kingdom with all of my flaws, weaknesses, stumbles, fits, and bleeding because of him." 

Live in my head and heart for 24 hours and you'll come away with an opinion of me that is much less than what you may have already formed. Much less. Maybe though, just maybe, you will come to the conclusion that God is much more magnificent than you could ever make him out to be. He'd have to be. I know me and I would not choose me as a servant much less a son. Yet, he has. He continues to. 



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