What the Light sees, What the Light says

By God's undeserved gift to me the stark reality of me is laid bare and I can see more than I used to. Also by God's undeserved gift to me the Light speaks to my heart and both compels and empowers me to take stock of who I am and build his love into my life in ever increasing measure.

The Light allows me to see my dark heart. The Light says, "Here is your new heart. Remember who you were and let others know that new life is only found in my Son, Jesus."  

The Light allows me to see myself offering up paths that lead into further bloodshed, destruction, and chaos. The Light says, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

The Light allows me to see that I pick and choose who I am to love and to treat with respect. The Light says, "I chose you when you when you hated me. Love others they way that I have loved you."

The Light allows me to see that I love very little. The Light says, "Never cease doing good to all men, especially to those that I have called alongside you to build my kingdom."

The Light allows me to see that I live in community that is less than the community of the Trinity. The Light says, "Submit to me and learn from me. Do the things that I do. Receive the power to taste the healing and unity only I can give."

The Light allows me to see my hopelessness and lashing out. The Light says, "Through the forgiveness of your sins you have received true hope. Share that life with your brothers and sisters."

The Light allows me to see that I want to get even. The Light says, "Trust me. I hold the keys of heaven and hell. Remember that Light that I have given to you is undeserved. I would have it no other way."

The Light allows me to see that I contribute more to the problem than I solve. The Light says, "Why not speak of me? Why not point out what I see and who I am? Where are you going to go? Do you know of another source of life both here and forever?"

God - may I never be so proud to forget you. You have saved me. Literally saved me. May that saving never stop me from talking about what you see and who you are. You are our only hope.


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