Please wait for me....

Waiting is an act of love. 

I have long legs and I can walk fairly quickly fairly easily. My wife, well, she was not as blessed in the long legs department as I was. When we are walking I need to be conscious of the pace of my gait as I have a tendency to leave her behind. In no uncertain terms, I need to be conscious of her. I need to remember her, subject myself to her ability and desire. I must purposefully slow myself down so that we can walk together in comfort. In other words, I need to love her.

There are so many times that I think I see so clearly. I see so much in that person's life and that person's situation and I think I know exactly what they need to do to be a better human or even a better servant of God. I make judgments about their progress or perspective and I can get impatient. Those are the times when God puts the brakes on and tells me to wait. Not just for them, but for Him. He is perfectly perfecting those that are truly his and I cannot hurry him along. It is impossible - he is not subject to me (nor to anyone) and he will complete the work that he has started in them. Now I do have a role to play. Patient prayerfulness, a grace-laden conversation, an encouraging note, and sometimes a tough tone are all instruments in the Master's hands.

But the result of those, the timing of the fruit, the rising of the sun or the "a-ha" moment...those are his to produce; in them as he moves them into the image and likeness of his Son and in me as he does the same as I wait. In love. Patient. Prayerful. Expecting.

Yes, I'll wait for you. I love you too much not to. Besides, I get the sense that you are waiting for me. You are, aren't you? 


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