The spiderman is always hungry Part 3

Searching out fear in the gathering gloom and suddenly
A movement in the corner of the room
And there is nothing I can do
When I realize with fright
That the spiderman is having me for dinner tonight - Lullaby, The Cure

And when will it end? When will God stop revealing the spidermen in my life? When will the struggle against them be over? When will I stop and warm myself in the "gathering gloom"? God has told me when. 

It is when I taste death. 

The struggles will be over. My rebellion will end. My weaknesses will be crushed. My eyes will be undimmed and my hearing unstopped. My tongue will build and my hands will form. My knees will bend low and my feet will be quick. I will have clear thoughts and a bright visage. I will be different; so much different than I am now. They will be vanquished for I will no longer give them room in my life to torment me or my family. Their candy stripe legs and poison will hold no sweetness for me and I will long for only One. Literally no one or nothing will sway me this way and that. It will be just me and Him.

The more I live here the less I desire this place. The more people I know in heaven the more I desire what they see. Death is my transport into rest. I will humbly wait for Him to bring my friend to me. Until then I know too well that the spiderman is always hungry. 

Remember that, Mark.


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