Heaven's waiting...it's time to move on

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. Psalm 116:15

Forceful ageing
Help me I'm fading
Heaven's waiting
It's time to move on - Prayer for the Dying, Seal

My Grandma died yesterday. A mom, grandma, great grandma was transported into the wide-open arms of a God who, I dare say, was excited to see her. He couldn't wait to hold her and show Himself to her. The One she served and loved must have been filled with so much joy as she sat amazed gazing into His eyes. "See?" I can hear Him say, "See? You knew it was all true and you will spend an eternity here. This is My Rest. Enter it through my Son Whom you loved."

Her work here is done. Her sometimes twisted journey deep into the heart of God is complete for her faith has been swallowed by her sight and her hope is now certain. Only love remains and she can now do perfectly what she sought to do so imperfectly yet so beautifully her entire life: love the Love of her life.

Tell me Grandma. Please tell me what it is like! You haven't even been there a day, but please tell me. Is it as beautiful as you thought it would be? Oh what I would give to sit on the couch now with you in your little place where we ate pizza and Nan's mint brownies and hear everything. I want to know everything...can we sit together for an hour? 15 minutes? Maybe just a minute...is that even too much?

How strong is your heart? How sure are your legs? Your eyes! Your eyes must be so bright and beautiful as you take it all in. You felt much love here, you always said that you did. But, tell me...please tell me what love you feel now. And what about Mary....is she pretty?

What will you be doing up there? What manner of work has he given to you? Will you bake? Will you make those perogies that you wished you would have just a couple of days ago? I remember the polka music playing on the radio as you moved to prepare the house for our arrival. You said it helped you get everything done. I bet you don't need it now to accomplish what He has set before you.

Grandma, thank you. Thank you for allowing Nan and I to have one last conversation with you as you peacefully folded yourself into the arms of your Savior. Thank you for the smile and even the laughter on Monday that I will never forget. Thank you for loving Nan and my boys the way you did. Thank you for the grace you gave us when our visits were not as frequent as even we would have liked them to be. Thank you for serving Christ until your death. And thank you for the laughter. Oh the laughter.

I can't wait to hear you laugh again.


  1. Thank you, Mark, for your post and for sharing a bit of your grandma with us. Sending you a hug and my condolences.

    1. Thank you for visiting Martha. I know that you have felt the passing of loved ones acutely as well. We are a lot alike in that way I guess.

  2. Mark, absolutely beautiful words. So eloquent, so touching, and such a great tribute to an amazing woman. My heart aches for your loss, but as your Grandma is finding out, she is in a much better place and will be at such peace. Thank you for allowing me (us) the honor or reading your fine tribute and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your whole family during time. Take care my old friend.

    Mark Keenan

    1. Thanks for visiting, Markie and for the kind words. I appreciate your prayers!


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