Does God's heart burst?

I have blogged about these emotions that often beset us as parents before and have often wondered if my Father feels the same things I do. Yet I wonder anew thinking about my God's heart and whether it bursts. 

We parents know the feeling all to well in reference to our children. Last night both of our sons did things that filled their parents' hearts to overflowing. We saw abilities and character in them that we knew were there, but needed to see with our own eyes to confirm our suspicions. The only "wish" I had was that we could have shared the separate experiences together. Our boys made their parents' heart burst and they had no idea they were doing it - they were just being boys.

What happened last night compels me to wonder if, when I hit the nail on the head and act in a way that brings honor and glory to Him, if my Dad's heart bursts. Does it fill with the same emotions I had last night when my son produced the game ball that said, "MVP" or when my son was in perfect position to shoot causing the goalie to make a play that he may or may not have been expecting to make? Does His heart beam when the absence of my son causes people to sense a different spirit about the game or when a former coach, fresh off of a decent win, seeks my son out to shake his hand and wish him luck?

I wonder if I am transferring a bit too much of my spirit onto His. Maybe it is just something I like to think that He feels. Or maybe, just maybe, what my heart feels is not even a dim reflection of what His feelings are for me. Maybe His fullness of heart is so much more pure than mine that I know little or nothing of it. 

Maybe His beaming for His children shakes the heavens because the earth has no room for it.

If that is the case I can't imagine it but I hope to feel it someday. I long to feel it someday.


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