Day Five: Everything that can be done

OK...we are in the home stretch as everything that can be done is going to be done by Friday. So here is what happened today:
This is the room as it was being painted. We have the same color in the kitchen that we have in our hallway.

The cabinets are coming in now. They should all be in tomorrow save the island.

This is a closeup of the cabinet that is going next to the dishwasher.
This is getting pretty real and we are going to be seeing some pretty dramatic transformations in the next couple of days as the cabinets are going to be hung and the floor is going to be going down. Thankfully the delay in the delivery of the cabinets and the appliances that we are anticipating is not going to put our faithful contractor behind. At least that is what he is telling us so we'll go with it. 

It is hard to just say "thanks" to God for all of this. He is exceeding our expectations in every way we can imagine. I think He likes to operate that way - at least that is what I have known Him to be like the short time I have been walking with Him.


  1. How fun! You will have a brand new kitchen in no time at all.


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