Day Ten: Baby steps

Not a whole lot to report on the kitchen install lately, but at least the standstill has been broken. Somewhat.

Our cabinets were measured for the counter tops we ordered a while back and it looks like they are going to be on schedule for installation on January 7, 2014. Of course it remains to be seen whether we are ready to have them installed then, but the guy measuring them said that it did not matter all that much because, well, we could store them in our garage until we were ready to go. Thank God for a big garage.
Not our kitchen, but what the counter top will look like

We also received word that our appliances will be delivered on December 27th. This is not what we were expecting when we ordered them on November 23rd, but it is what God has given to us. I picked up a kit today to hook the range up to the gas line that was recently run so I should be able to make that happen in relatively short order after delivery. I will save the fridge and the dishwasher for the contractor to install. I know - I am a super nice guy to do that.

Overall I think we are about 75% done with the whole thing and I fully anticipate having this all completed by the end of January 2014. It has been quite a ride so far and I am wondering what the road ahead will bring. But not too much as we're celebrating Christmas tomorrow and looking for a good supplier for our cinnamon roll breakfast tomorrow morning.


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