Day Six Part 2: Problem? What problem?

This is getting cool. Not that it wasn't before, but prep work is just not as exciting as the finishing work and this is Day 1 of the finishing side of things:
Here's Tony from R.F. Remodeling - he has been the principal contractor and is at Northridge Church with us.
Here is our temporary sink. No...we are not going with the plywood countertops.
About a fifth of the laminate is down. Here is the look from the front door into the kitchen.
The cabinets are going to be disorganized for a bit, but we are happy with the progress.
To say that these guys are detail oriented is an understatement. They are doing all kinds of things that are making our lives more comfortable as they work on our kitchen. We even have some nice new drains, compression fittings, and shut-off valves for under our sink. That was a good way of course. Tomorrow is the day when it will be all done as we wait for the other base cabinets, wall cabinets, and appliances to come in. 

We are so thankful that these guys are so understanding of our plight. We feel badly about inconveniencing them, but they have been gracious through it all. I think it looks a lot better than our previous kitchen the way it is now, but we are going to love it even more when it is all put in and trimmed out. 

I was at the Home Depot this morning at 7:00 AM getting some underlayment for the floor and was just taking it all in. It was 11 degrees and I was one of maybe three customers in the whole store. I can say that I had never had that experience before and it was pretty cool (cold). My life has been absolutely unique lately and I may never live through something like this again. I don't want to miss a second of this, Dad. Not a second of what You've given to me.


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