Day Six Part 1: Hoboken? We have a problem.

I just received a call from my wife stating that the cabinet that goes over the refrigerator is too tall. Way too tall. Even if we did not install the flooring under the refrigerator we would still not have enough room to get the fridge underneath it. And, well, the cabinet that goes over the stove to too tall as well if we want to hang the microwave. So, there is a way around this but it requires that we take the stove cabinet and put it over the refrigerator and use two three-inch filler strips so that there is enough room for the width of the fridge. Then we get to order another cabinet with the filler strips. As much as I hate spending more money we are still way ahead of ourselves in terms of how much we could have spent on cabinets and what we are spending now. Way ahead.

I hope that this is the last issue we face. Actually, it is the first issue we faced where we had to plunk down some more money to make it go away. That's the way projects are sometimes. I am still looking forward to seeing the progress that they have made on the kitchen tonight. I will post pictures as soon as I am able. While we wait for all of the cabinets and the like to get in our kitchen is going to look a little funny, but that kind fits my personality more than one that has all the fit and polish it should.

And it, eventually, will be complete. Lord willing it will.


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