Day Seven: They may have lost their minds

The guys worked hard tonight and left pretty close to 7:00 PM tonight. Yeah - sounds like a good time...I mean how else would someone want to spend their Friday night? They were definitely wanting to get the floor done and, well, they nailed it. Not literally as it is a floating floor and nailing it would be bad, but we are liking what they did with the molding and the quarter round.

Here is the floor in the kitchen. The four base cabinets are attached to the wall and in place.
The detail is great - they covered the exposed ends of the shoe molding. I did not expect that at all.
This is the entry way. I think that the door looks a lot less out of place with the new floor.
The 12 inch base cabinet is not here yet nor are the appliances. I am a little more accepting of this as the guy that needs to run the gas line hasn't shown up yet so the range would not have been operable anyway. We are using the sink and temporary countertops now and are happy that we are getting more of our kitchen back.

We had an electrician friend of ours, Suzanne, stop by and she got rid of the 220 line that was sticking up through the floor. She disconnected it from our breaker box and hauled it away for us. She also discovered that the stove was, indeed, not grounded as there was a grounding wire that was just floating around in the breaker box and not really attached to anything. We will no longer be serving as a ground when we use the stove. 

The guys will be working a half day tomorrow (we feel bad about that) and will be doing some more detail work and getting the island in place. I found out that I ordered too much toe kick and not enough quarter round. It is a good thing that I do not source these jobs for a living because, well, we would starve.

Again, through it all, we see the hand of God. I was shoveling the driveway the other day and loved the feel of the snow under my boots as I crunched, crunched, crunched along. I think that I will be associating this time of year with the kitchen remodel for a while. I need to remember these days and pull them out when I am tempted to doubt Him.


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