Replacing worry with prayer

"Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?" Luke 12:25

One of the things that God has saved me from this side of heaven is my penchant towards chronic worrying. But, son of dust that I am, I have this nagging tendency to worry about things. It has gotten so much better than it was, but it is still there. Recently I was given the bad news that we were likely to miss a deadline for a software release to a demanding client. Of course, it was a project that I was the leader on so...I worried. But, thanks be to God, only for a moment. When the thoughts of all that could go wrong as a result of us missing this deadline (which we hadn't missed yet) crept into my mind I prayed and planned. Once the planning was done those worrisome thoughts wouldn't go away so, when that happened, I just prayed.

Some of the prayers were short along the lines of, "You got this, Lord, right?" while others were a bit more involved. I wasn't so much praying that God would get this release out on the previously agreed to date but I just wanted to communicate to my soul that He was in charge. I also wanted to ask Him for peace and to enjoy the days I had up to the time when we would know, for sure, when the release was going to happen. And He granted me all of that for sure.

Well, it turns out that through a series of events born out of God's hand and hard work it looks like we are going to be getting the release out four days early. Four days early. I am thankful that's the case but I do know that if it all goes sour He will be there making sure that even this will conform me into the image of His Son. That's all I want.

God - please help me want that more than I do this very moment.


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