Was it a date?

I had a great time last night hanging out with my immediate and extended family at the Barnard Firemen's parade last night. It was good to just be all together and my wife snapped some pretty good pictures of the event. I noticed that our boys were sitting with their cousins about 30 yards away from us...yes, there are that many of us.

So, the question I ask myself if these situations is, "How far do my children have to be away from me in order for it to be considered date?" I think that they at least have to be out of sight (they're always out of sight, but me saying that just betrays my longstanding affection for Soul Train). What if they are out of mind while I am sitting with my wife while we are not at home? Does that count?

Probably not, but there is a line there somewhere that we cross to make a situation a date and I am obsessed with finding it.


  1. If you are able to give your wife undivided attention, and you are not home, then perhaps it can be considered a date, but I think it might really necessitate not having to think about your kids at all.

    PS. Did you buy her an ice cream? Maybe that would make it a date... or then again, maybe not...

  2. I think you're right Martha. At the parade we had to tell at least one of them to not run blindly into the road after a piece of candy that was thrown. Oh well...**sigh**


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