A shockingly disturbing portrayal

As I reflect on yesterday in the HighPoint children's ministry that our church leadership has foolishly let me be a part of I realized that I may have butchered the role of Esau beyond comprehension to most rational (er...sane) individuals. Among the atrocities I perpetrated are the following:

  • the entrance of Esau into the story as with the (improvised) line, "I'm big, I'm hairy, I'm red, I'm Esau!" Brilliant, eh?
  • oh, and now Esau has a Southern drawl...at least that is what I couldn't help slipping into as I portrayed him
  • referring to the children in the audience as goats and, hence, as easy pickings for a hunting expedition
  • inadvertently scaring (and perhaps scarring) a pre-schooler returning from the bathroom by threatening him with a plastic spear. Good thing he was coming back FROM the bathroom.
  • lamenting that there were only Special K chips in the fridge when looking for some food to eat and continually holding an empty bowl up to his face to see if any food had magically appeared there
  • referring to his younger brother Jacob as a "mother-loving, stew cooker"
  • shouting "I can't find my mouth!" while trying to force the "stew" that Jacob served him into his mouth through his beard. Yes, there are now children in our church that believe that Esau did not have a mouth

...and that's only the stuff I remember. Maybe I should stick to storytelling rather than portraying Biblical characters in a humorous (to me anyway) manner. Actaully, after yesterday, I may be forced to.


  1. I will never think of Esau the same ever again. Oh - and referring to Jacob as a "mother-loving, stew cooker" must be even more of an atrocity when your own son is portraying Jacob!


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