Web filtering with OpenDNS

My oldest son wants a tablet that can connect to the web. He is saving his money and we are looking for a used one on craigslist for him and, in the meantime, I am looking at ways that I can extend the web filtering I have on our PC to every connected device in the house. I had heard about OpenDNS and the free web filtering that it can provide, but I was having a hard time changing the primary and secondary DNS entries on my router.
Thankfully, I came across this forum post this forum post that led me in the right direction. It was not information specific to my actual router (we have a Netgear B40) but the interface that the post referenced was the exact one that I had. At any rate, I changed the DNS entries and now all of the connected devices in our home (including our Wii) are subject to any rules that I want to set up using the OpenDNS service.
I do need to find a way to subject specific devices to different filtering schemes. So, for example, when my son gets his tablet I would like to block all sites except for a specific list that I will work on with him (a whitelist scheme). I want to set this at the router level so that I can remotely administer it and also monitor the traffic to and from the tablet.
I am thankful for a free service like OpenDNS and the promise that it can bring to shaping the behavior of our children online. It is one more thing to think about for me as I negotiate this whole parenthood thing.


  1. Click My Connected Home > Network Connections > and click the Action icon next for Broadband Connection(DSL).
    Under the VCs section, click the Edit icon for PPPoE.
    Under the PPPoE Settings you'll see the Primary and Secondary DNS sever settings that can be changed.


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