Adventures in the "Be Bold"

This may come as a shock, but, I am not all that bold when it comes to sharing anything about my faith or God in general with people outside of a structured "faith-sharing" session. I just haven't gotten into the habit of steering the conversation (when it make sense) to my faith in Jesus or even dropping the fact that I am a believer and do believer-ee things. We had been challenged a bit ago in a church service to be bold - to really pray for and look for opportunities to share our faith in everyday circumstances. We also talked a bit in small group about just looking for small opportunities to let people know we are believers and strike up small conversations about it. Well, this was one of those days.

While I was getting my teeth x-rayed (yes, Virginia, they found a small cavity) at the dentist I had the hygienist ask me a rather innocuous question about whether the boys had a hard time getting up for school this morning because of the time change. Now I had been praying for opportunities to be bold and also talked in small group about just taking small opportunities and it almost seemed like God shouted into my brain "Tell her about Sunday morning!!!!" So I did. I told her that both of the boys were up rather early for church on Sunday morning and left it at that.

Making our way back to get my teeth polished, thanks be to God, the conversation continued. We talked about church a fair bit after that and I mentioned how I get to teach on Sundays and that Will serves in our kid's program. I even mentioned that we needed this as much as the boys do. It was small, maybe inconsequential, but it was a door that would have never even opened if not for God's prompting and His answer to my prayers. We'll see where it goes. 

All that to say, thanks God. I know it didn't end in a Gospel presentation or the hygienist being radically saved (look...a Carman reference!) but now she knows that I am a church-goer. Please, use it God...I know it's not much, but you can use it. Right? 


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