This may come out wrong

I am sure there are a lot of people that are concerned about my reliance on the Bible to discern right from wrong, to confirm the existence and true nature of God, or for a myriad of other things that I need to have operating in my life for successful living and an abundant life. I can understand their concern because I had those concerns about people as well. I always hung around God and the Bible but never really made a stand on it or anything that it proclaimed. I guess when I finally came to and realized that the Bible is exactly what it purports to be I realized that I shifted my reliance on my reason and perspective to the Bible. After realizing that it scared me that I had not done it sooner.

I may be delving into places that I have no business venturing into, but I just may share same concern that people have about me and my reliance on the Bible to them and their reliance on their reason. Both are unbridled and unapologetic and both our reason and the Bible have their genesis in the mind and creative hand of God Himself. He gave us both in the beginning to be used together. It is just that one has been irrevocably (this side of heaven anyway) corrupted and so much so that it is now a weapon in the hand of the Enemy himself. I don't have to go far in my own life to see how poorly I reason and how I use it to gratify selfish desires that I have. I imagine it is the same for others.

Now, the pressure is on God, so to speak, to deliver an accurate picture of the seen and unseen life rather than on me. He has much bigger shoulders than I do and can bear that burden just fine. As I have compared my own faculties in light of His for the discernment and articulation of this "life picture" I have found that He has proven that His capability more than swallows my incapability.


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