Wouldn't we have found it by now?

We chase with the hounds for the meaning of the world
The unattainable meaning of the world.
Earth Household, Daniel Amos

Would we have found it by know? Wouldn't we have found, with at least some degree of unanimity the meaning of this cosmos or even if there was a meaning to it all? I mean, of all of the intellectual pursuits that have been initiated and concluded over the millennia wouldn't we have at least a nugget here and there if our human reason were the vehicle that we make it out to be? Yet, we try to escape this physicality on our own and fall down over and over again. We rail against the concept of revelation as a source of knowledge and muddle through it all. We pretend that the big questions have no answers or, worse yet, that there are no big questions. We pretend that we can love and deny Love. We pretend to get angry over injustice and ignore the Just One.  How pathetic we are...how frail.

If it weren't told to us we would know nothing. If not for His mercy and grace we would be even more pitiful than we are now. Thanks be to God that His Spirit restrains us from living out the animal fantasies that our minds concoct. I don't want to even think of the day when He will no longer hinder our plans.


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