Quite a transformation

Well, we did a lot of celebrating and preparation over the week/weekend I was absent from the "rest of the world". Obviously the big thing was Thanksgiving and we had a great celebration all day on Thursday. Then Friday hit and we thought that we only had a small window of opportunity to get a boatload of stuff done so...off we went. We got the rest of the leaves up in the front yard. Our oldest son also had fun using the "sucker" (basically a shop-vac) to get rid of the leaves in the front garden.

Then, armed with the promise of fairly nasty weather in the coming days, I went up on the roof to string the Christmas lights. I didn't get it all done on Friday (it was getting dark, cold, and I had to get to the leaf dump) so I planned on hanging the wreath over the garage and doing the rest of lights (mainly plugging stuff in) on Saturday.

Saturday rolled around and, again with the promise of nasty weather next weekend, we went to Stoke's Tree Farm to get our Christmas tree for this year. It was a great day to do it and there weren't a ton of people there. We saw a few people that we knew, including our next-door neighbors, and ended up with a nice Douglas Fir. That afternoon I finished up the lights, hung the wreath, and everything looked like it was working.

Sunday we put up the tree and decorated it completely. Of course, my yearly trek and haul the Christmas hoo-hah from the basement preceded the festivities, but it was quicker than year's past as we had done some cleaning in the storage space in the past couple of months.

From Thanksgiving to more than half way to Christmas in a couple of days. Sounds like my life in a nutshell lately - needing to strike when the iron is hot.


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