Here is a place where you can write
or paint pictures
And dream that the troubles will end - Murlough Bay, Iona

Dreaming - what escape; what necessity; what a foretaste of how it was created to be and will soon be again.

There is no end to the dreams I have for me, my family, and my world. He is a dreamer as well and I, made in His image, even I, prayerfully, act like Him as I dream. At some level all of this is not exactly how He wanted it - yet at some level it is. His justice has not yet been realized here; His love is left to the pen of poets at times so He dreams. Yet, He acts as well and there is a chasm between Him and I here. As my heart beats in my chest I realize that He is the only one with the strength to realize the dreams He has and, made in His image, I need to subject the consummation of mine to Him.

Yet the dreams of the ending of this trouble still burst into my consciousness. He dreams of this too and will not let that dream go unfulfilled.


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