Am I bummed? Surprisingly only slightly.

I have an obsessive personality. If there is something that I want to do I obsess about it and over it until someone (usually my wife) let's me know that I am getting a little too absorbed by it. Well, the other day I found a "too-good-to-be-true" offer on craigslist for a bunch (3 5-gallon buckets full) of Legos for $40. The posting listed that there were Star Wars, pirates, knights, etc. and that they were just kind of all jumbled up. I had heart palpitations (how's that for drama, Heather) and emailed the person with an offer to buy it. I knew the boys would dig them immensely. I told my wife about the deal and waited for the person to contact me...which they did not do.

In the course of my waiting I was given some perspective that eludes me almost all of the time: "If God wants you to have the Legos you will have them." I cannot tell you how freeing that was. I know I should be further along than this, but wow - I couldn't believe the calm that brought me. I was able to relax knowing that my efforts weren't what was needed in this area. Just God's grace and His watchcare over me.

We didn't get the Legos. And I am only slightly bummed about it. I thought I hit the lottery when I read the ad on craigslist. Little did I know the winning would be in the losing of the opportunity to plunk down the money for the item. I hope I am more like Christ as a result of this; I really do.

I guess I'll know how much more when the next potentially obsessive opportunity comes to my attention.


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