Digital music

I am a big fan of digital music. One would not have to read this blog long to know that I own a second-generation iPod Nano (silver, 4GB) and have 730 songs on it. I have about 400 MB left and a bunch of CDs that I would like to rip and store on the device. I have been meaning to do this for a while and have not had the chance. The genesis of this post came from the fact that I am able to play 19 different Vangelis pieces from three different albums (Chariots of Fire, Opera Sauvage, and Soil Festivities) without having to reload a CD or endure the shuffling of one CD to another in a multi-changer. Thus, it almost feels like the pieces are united into a whole when they are played in the specified sequence.

There are new avenues and vistas of creativity that are opened, even to a hack like me, through the digitizing and playback of music. I am not sure if this sits well with the artist that composed the music, but maybe the art of composition will embrace this "new" medium to bring about experiences that have never been imagined much like the advent of the synthesizer or the use of the electric guitar. Then again, maybe I need another sip of coffee.


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