The simplicity of it all

It was a moment that causes me to cringe waiting for the response that would come out of my child's mouth. Would his response survive the fires that, in His mercy, are meant to purge or would this be the peering into the house of Hell that I feared it could be? Who is he?

I found out. And he humbles me.

The boy had wounded him and, in humiliation, came seeking forgiveness and restoration. After the confession, apology, and acceptance came the question that would mark the offender and the offended:

"What do I need to do to make this right?"

My son, answer wisely, for this opportunity may never present itself again. You have already extended mercy - will you extend your grace?

"Just be my friend." he responded desiring the one who had hurt him.

They played, they danced, and they reveled in the simplicity of it all.

I now know who you are, son, for you look just like my Dad.


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