Dell Hyperthreading Update

OK, I need to modify my comments somewhat on the Dell GX280 hyperthreading issue. I now notice that turning hyperthreading on has quieted my desktop when running Microsoft Word and other applications at the same time. I usually have Outlook running along with Word, and a web browser (Firefox) when I am editing a document. This lead to my desktop making some unusually strong noises that emanated from the processor cooling fan. It got so annoying at times that I swore off MS Word in favor of running Open Office which ran on my desktop in a much quieter fashion.

Since turning hyperthreading on I have noticed my desktop running much quieter when MS Word is open along with multiple other applications. Of course when I am running a processor-intensive program or application I still get the noisy-processor-cooling-fan thing going again, but I expect that and can live with it. I can also get used to this much quieter desktop and the ability to multi-task to a greater extent when I am running a series of regexp matches using the Windows version of grep on a 220 Mb text file. Yes, I know its stupid to do that but when you have a hammer...


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