Still struggling to say "yes"

I haven't made as much progress as I thought in finding reasons to say "yes" rather than "no". This morning the oldest asked me if I would go outside with him and wait for the bus. I had anticipated getting to work a little early as I am leaving early this afternoon so, in my head, I waffled a bit more than I should have. I wonder if he noticed? I did notice his excitement when the two of us were outside. He likes to wait for the bus outside rather than inside for some reason. All in all I made it a tougher decision than it needed to be. Progress seems to be so slow in my life and it drives me a little nuts. I would love to rehearse for every single circumstance that God may throw my way, but I simply can't. It is hard to prepare for it all.

I guess I need to build the kind of character that reacts as God does in every circumstance. The fruit of a life submitted to the Holy Spirit should be what I am after. I would think that a life characterized by that would lead me to play "pirates" with my boys in ever-increasing measure.

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