When I went to college every idea that I came across (OK, maybe a bit of an overstatement) was treated as though it could be true. I was exposed to thought patterns, philosophies, and paradigms that I had never considered before and I was extremely interested in testing their veracity. That meant that, in my mind, there were no questions that were taboo. No scholarship that was to be stifled. Nothing was unassailable - all of it was on the table.

I read and editorial a while back about the Golden Compass in Christianity Today that was extremely thought provoking. The writer urged parents not to restrict their children from reading the books this author had written or, in this case, watching the movie, just because he is anti-God or anti-Christ. Rather, he proposed, we should guide our children into critically examining the book and its portrayal of God, Christianity, and the world around us. He reasoned that, though the book as a story was thoroughly imaginative, the act of God-killing was a weak representation of who He is and who we are in light of Him. His "arguments" for the potency and very existence of God were rather child-like and to give this book power that it does not possess would be folly.

Of course, for me, this takes a lot of energy. I cannot trust that another man or woman will lay a foundation for my sons' lives no matter how Christ-like they appear. Their minds will inquire and I want to guide them in this. Lord. please help me know what this means today and tomorrow.

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