Ubuntu 7.10 Modem Success

Well, it has been a long time in coming, but I have successfully configured and used my modem under Ubuntu 7.10. Here is what I did:
  1. The Linmodems support page was very helpful in providing a utility called scanModem to scan my system to help me determine what modem I had installed in my Dell Latitude D610.
  2. I ran the scanModem utility and opened the ModemData.txt file where, on line 106, I found that there was an install package for the modem that corresponded to the kernel version I am running (2.6.22).
  3. I then followed the directions to extract the contents of the file and install the .deb package.
  4. The trick for me was to run the 'sudo wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf' command as this command scanned all of the ports to find which one my modem was installed on. It found that it was installed on /dev/ttySHSF0 and wrote the configuration to the wvdial.conf file.
  5. I then used the 'sudo wvdial' command to dial out and connect to my ISP (Bluefrog) using configuration information that I had already entered into the wvdial.conf file.
What would be interesting to see is if I can get this working with the modem that I have installed in my system at home. Of course that would mean at least a Linux partition on the home system and I am not really sure that is such a good idea at this point. Anyway I am thrilled that there is so much information on the web for us Linux noobs and I hope this post will help someone else configure their modem on their Dell laptop.

Update #1: I noticed that the drivers from the site I downloaded
the install package from were throttling my connection speed at about
14.4K/s instead of the near 56.6K/s I was used to. I found another site
(this time on dell.com) that had the modem drivers for the D610 but for
7.04 instead of the version I am running. I decided to try it anyway
and the drivers worked great. I would recommend using these as I was
getting about 42K/s with them.


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