That feeling that you're home

I remember when we moved into our current house in August 2003 and wondering when I would get that feeling that I was home after having been away for a while. There is nothing quite like walking through the front or side door after having been away for a while and getting the sense of the familiar that floods my heart. Knowing that I walked into something that I am intimately aware of and can say that I am "home" didn't come the minute I moved in. It developed over time.

When did I get it? That, I'm afraid, I do not recall. Like the date of my salvation (all of the signs point to sometime in October 1998) I am not fully aware of when it happened - when the feeling of strangeness was replaced by familiarity, but I know that it has happened already. I think I missed an opportunity to map out how long it took. I am not sure if I will have another opportunity like that again.

The funny thing is I recall that my bringing the lack of the feeling I was "home" to mind didn't seem accelerate or retard the development of the feeling in me. I would have liked to have been conscious enough about it such that I would have been aware of the first time I felt it.

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