I have some high hopes

Tonight we are doing something in the Champions Club (3rd - 6th grade boys and girls) that we have never done before. We are having "Mad Scientist, Lumberjack, World Leader Night". Yes, I made it up. I had it on the calendar last year but chickened out of it not knowing how I was going to pull it off. Well, tonight, I am still not sure how I am going to pull it off, but we are ready to go. I think.

I will be demonstrating the use of my NexStar 114GT telescope, a couple of astronomy computer programs (Stellarium and Celestia) and also a "lucky" clubber will get to assist me in making a goofy hovercraft out of a paper plate and a balloon. Of course the Champs were encouraged to dress up in either mad scientist, lumberjack, or world leader attire so prizes will be given to the best looking one of those as well. I will be dressing up as the Mad Scientist "Dr. Payne" and, hopefully, scare my sons in the process.

If this works it will be miraculous.

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