Captured my imagination part 2

I worked on this list when the electricity was out last night for the second time. Thank God for laptop batteries:

  • The entire book of Ezekiel but especially the personification of the Spirit, the constant reference to him as "son of man", and the siegeworks he was instructed to build against the model of Jerusalem he had constructed.
  • Pilate.
  • The dream that Pilate's wife had and what she requested her husband to do as a result of it.
  • Joseph before Pilate requesting Jesus' body.
  • The manna and the rotting quail in the wilderness.
  • The fact that I have been crucified to the world and the world has been crucified to me.
  • When Paul shook the snake that latched onto him into the fire he was warming himself by and the vigil kept by his company to see what would happen to him. A very human moment punctuated by morbid curiosity culminating in unexpected results.
  • The victory death held before the Cross.
  • The fact that John waited for a, most probably, quite winded Peter to arrive before entering the tomb.
  • The conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus.
  • The implications drawn from the ending of the book of Acts.

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