Yeah boy! Get your Geek on!

If only I heard this as my geekiness comes through I think I would be more encouraged. I am doing some XSLT work right now in a "new-to-me" tool called Bonfire Studio. Kind of a nice tool to coordinate all XML and XSLT in a single project and get it all working well together. I want to transform a super-small DITA XML instance into a WordML XML instance. I do like XML to XML transformations as they are what XSLT is all about.

Once that is working what I want to do is attach the XSLT to a FrameMaker structured application and then automatically transform the DITA instance to WordML upon export. If I have time (and haven't lost interest) I will write another XSLT stylesheet to get the WordML back into DITA and back into FrameMaker for editing.

Splendid geekery if I do say so myself. Of course, all of this calling myself a geek means nothing unless it is recognized by someone else. Thankfully it has been by numerous people so the moniker is as solid as it can be.


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