The bright light

If I was driven, driven ahead by some noble ideal
Who took the wheel?
If I was given, given a glimpse of some glorious road
When was it sold? - Jesus Is for Losers - Squint, Steve Taylor

The depth of my depravity speaks to the miracle of this new birth. How is it that I have noble thoughts (as imperfect as they are) or even have a glimpse of the deep things of God? How is it that He allows me into His presence as "stiff-necked and proud" as I am with my hands and heart full of idols?

He doesn't cast me out, He doesn't remove the abundant life from me, He doesn't cease to pursue me, He doesn't call me by any other name than the one that will be mine at the end of this age...none of it. Why do I continue to choose to offend Him so?

Bone-weary every climb
Blind-sided every time

Just as I am
I am needy and dry

Jesus is for losers

The self-made need not apply

Just as I am

In a desert crawl

Lord, I'm so thirsty

Take me to the waterfall


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