The Obective

You know, it is funny. Usually I have some sort of idea what I am going to write about the night before I actually do, but it does have a tendency to disappear before the morning. I only have about 37 pages left in Dandelion Wine left to go and I have actually been keeping up with the read through the Bible in a year. Also, I just completed a whole week of high intensity interval training on the treadmill and I am feeling it a bit. I’ll be glad to take the weekend off. Maybe I should do some lighter workouts on the weekend just to stay ahead of the calorie count a bit. I think I have lost weight.

Something that has impressed me these past couple of months is the importance of basing all that we do on the principles and commands found in God’s Word. There is really only one objective base where we can make that a reality and that is by using the Bible. So many times I go with my feelings or, usually, what the easy way out is at the time rather than digging through the Scriptures to see what principles I can apply  to a certain situation. It is all so subjective without that standard to appeal to.

I need to impress that on my boys as well. That the first place they go to seek wisdom is Wisdom Himself. And the most complete record of that Wisdom I have is not the church, creation, or “peace” that may find its way to our hearts. It is the Bible and the record I have of God. Thank you, God, for it. More than a manual for life it is a living thing that points me in the right direction and discerns my motives unlike anyone or anything else.


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