Careena Cubiotti

Get high on life….it’s the only thing legal.  – Careena Cubiotti

In sixth grade there was this girl, Careena Cubiotti, who was a bit of an oddball. She was funny and hung out with a girl that I liked so I got to know her pretty well. I have no idea if I have even spelled her name right, but there it is. She was fond of saying that we should get high on life and would often sing songs to that effect. Shoot me if I know what happened to her. I do not even think she was in our seventh and eighth grade class. **Sigh** My self-absorption claims another memory.

Maybe it is because I do not do it enough, but I love to minister. Maybe if I did it more with more intensity then I would be sick of it already and view it as more drudgery than fun. I was in with the 2’s and 3’s this Sunday during the main service and it was a great time. Not without its challenges, but what a cool bunch of kids! We made these little cork boats that floated around and I had to fish at least two of them out of the toilet before they got flushed. All in all a neat thing. Then, Sunday night, we had our Awana program where I game directed and led in the Pals vs. Pioneers trivia challenge. All in all a really good time yet again.

It is fun to minister. I get such a charge out of it. I know that I need to balance that with all of my other responsibilities, but I also know that my boys need to see their mom and me ministering and enjoying it. If we do, there is a greater chance that they will as well. And I want them to hang out with other people that love the Lord and want to serve Him.      


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