OK, the "liberals" go it right this time.

As a Baptist I do not have much in common with my Christian brothers and sisters on the more "liberal" side of things. Doctrinally it just seems like we are miles apart on a whole host of issues. But there is one thing that they grasp just makes me almost want to stand up and shout "Amen"! They so rightly connect the Christian life with the pursuit of justice. Individually the pursuit of justice can take on a plethora of forms, but it often plays itself out in what is commonly known as generosity. The Christian life should be a life filled with thanks and a life overflowing with generosity.

James hammers this home when he laments the condition of the rich man's soul in Chapter 5 of his epistle. Paul also encourages the rich to be generous redistributing the riches that God had given them lest they become a snare. The United States has a great abundance of wealth, yet we are not as generous as we ought to be as a Nation. More importantly we are not as generous as we ought to be as individuals. I am not as generous I ought to be as a man after God's heart. And it is more than writing checks. Slinging money around is so easy - so cheap.

Time is the currency of this age. It is what I hoard.


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