My theme song

For a while I thought it would be cool to have a theme song. Now, I am no musician so I would have to rip one off and enhance it (maybe that's not the right word) so that it could be played when I was on the move. Well, the time has come for me to unveil it and, all humility aside of course, I think I nailed it.

I have always liked the opening guitar rift of Roam by the B52's so I thought that would make a good start. I opened up the mp3 in Audacity and cut the guitar riff out and pasted it into another file, and pasted it again, and goes on for about a minute. I don't want to blow anyone's mind by making it to go for too long. I personally find that it is at the perfect length of awesome.

Now, to play it so others can hear it when I, er, roam the building at work was another challenge I had. My trusty Palm Tungsten E has a pretty decent external speaker so, along with the DioPlayer application, I can play my theme song at the perfect volume as my Palm is safely stored in my pants pocket. I found that I needed to place the speaker to the outside so that I can get the sound level where I want it as it needs to travel through the fabric.

All this to say that, like any TV show, I want people to associate the guitar riff of Roam with me as I approach them for various reasons and with various requests. I am relieved that this came together a lot quicker than I thought it would and I am pretty happy with the results. There is no telling the heights that this will take me to.


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