Greatest pop song of all time

I have blogged about this before but I was thinking about it in a different light today as I drove into work. You would not have to know me long for me to share with you that I consider Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson to be the greatest pop song of all time. In fact, Night and Day, the album that the song came off of, is probably the greatest pop music album of all time. Of course this point is arguable and that is, well, my point. Well that and the fact that I am just over 42 years old.

Have I heard every pop song ever recorded by any man, woman, and band? No. Do I know what the criteria are for the assessment of pop music especially in comparison to the other songs in the genre? No. If I had the perfect criteria by which I could judge the song could I be expected to both understand them and apply them perfectly to Steppin' Out? No. Could I change my mind tomorrow concerning this? It is not likely, but yes I could considering that pop music is still being recorded and that there are other songs out there (Be Near Me by ABC comes to mind) that are a very close second to Mr. Jackson's contribution. And I am getting to my point.

The arrogance that I display when I formulate positions that are contrary or additional to the Bible is mind-blowing. I am even going to go so far as to say that men and women, like me, who do what I do are showing an almost laughable arrogance that is communicating to the world that our myopic reason, our limited existence, our meager reading, our short and scant discussions, the dearth of mindshare that we have devoted to ultimate questions has led us to a conclusion that is quite different from the one put forth in the Bible. Men like me even go so far as to say that revelation, from God or gods, is of no use in formulating a world view and even that revelation itself does not or even cannot exist. Unadulterated hubris. An utter loss of the ability to comprehend our own competence. It is hellish...plain and simple.

Am I going to pin my life on the directions drawn up in my own mind? My word, no. There is nothing but death there both in this life and in the life to come. What am I to do with the conclusions presented to me from the minds of others? Evaluate them with the ones that I have dreamed up? Never. I will put my trust in the Mind that communicated truth to me. I will stake my life and my death on Him. I won't, vainly, build a house with the material I have at my disposable. For how would I know that it is a house at all?


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