A postcard from death

A little less than a week ago I received a postcard from death and I did not like it one bit.

We have almost finished painting the basement in our house (it looks good thanks to my wife) and I was in the process on re-installing the handrail for the stairs leading down to the cellar. Well, it was all looking pretty good until I drilled a hole to help ease one of the screws into place and I used a drill bit that was much too big. Try as I might I was not able to get that one screw to grab and hold and I then took out my frustrations on the handrail, tools, and eventually my wife. Thankfully she was gracious enough to accept my apology.

You may be wondering why I see this as a foretaste (postcard) of (from) death. Simply put it was a situation that I found myself in where my want for progress was being frustrated. There will come a day when I will be in a situation where all of my desires, and the desires of those around me, for me to recover from illness or injury will be frustrated. Death, friend that he is, will cling to me for all he is worth and will not let go. His strength will overpower all of us and then, and only then, will he'll bring me to my Lover.

He tried to do that as I tried for the umpteenth time to get that screw to grab. He wanted me to flee to God for my comfort and peace but I didn't. Not in the least. One day he'll bring me straight to God and I will have no choice but to accept his beckoning. Actually it will be more like a tackle, won't it?

When my friend frustrates all of my faculties again I pray that I will see him for who he is: one that longs to show me a garden path straight to the arms of God Himself.


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