My run in with the law

Last night I was riding a golf cart around the Greece Little League ball fields giving people rides and selling drinks. Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn flagged me down and hilarity ensued:

The Sheriff: "Do you have any water?"

Me: "Yes sir. That will be $1.50."

The Sheriff: "$1.50!!?? That's highway robbery." [Irony of him being a law man and me serving him from a non-road-legal golf cart noted]

Me: [Handing him the bottle and taking his $2.00] "This is the best water you will ever drink."

The Sheriff: "Keep the change for the till."

Me: "Thank you, sir."

It is experiences like this that make me wonder why I ever dread doing anything. It was a warm night and I was not looking forward to spending it away from my family, but who knew I would be driving a golf cart around peddling drinks and giving rides to people that were, in and of themselves, interesting as well. Besides, like my Dad, I like to talk and be around people. It was also nice to make some significant connections last night with the kids and their parents. I got to ride around with a couple of the boys (sometimes with both of them at once) and learned a whole lot about them. I even got home to see the second half of Batman on MeTV (villian="Riddler") and see the boys off to bed. Not bad for a night I was not looking forward to and one that I will remember for a while.

Thanks, God, that I got to spend one of Your Summer evenings among people You love and that I didn't get the sunburn I was thinking I was going to get.


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