I don't really know You at all do I?

Hi Dad,

I have to admit something.

I had a bunch of ideas in my head concerning how You work and what You're all about. I knew You answered prayers and empowered Your children to do Your work, but, recently, I saw something that I had never seen before. Oh I had seen it happen in various ways and through various means, but I almost think that those times were just a drop of what I experienced. I have to admit, it made You seem a bit unfamiliar to me. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed what I saw...I was a direct beneficiary of what happened. Yet, it kind of left me more than a bit unsettled. After the whole thing took place I tried to talk to my wife about it but I did not have a whole lot of words to describe what what I saw or how it made me feel.

You took me off guard as I was waiting for what I expected to happen to actually manifest itself. But it never did and, as a result, I was in unfamiliar territory. When it was all over I wasn't sure what had just happened. I knew You were there, but only because You said you were going to be. If You had not promised Your presence I don't think that I would have recognized it. I guess I should have expected something like this to happen, but You are so much safer in the box I had put You in. You are much more wild than even Mr. Beaver knew aren't You? How can I expect anything from You save what You have promised?

I scarcely know You. But, anyway, all of this to just say thanks. Thanks for being so good to me. And for shaking who I thought You were.

Love, Mark


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