The mouse, the mole, and Me the Barbarian

I remember a few years back that I had an encounter with a mouse in the basement of our former house that left me thinking if I had it in me. I found a mouse that was stuck in our utility sink in the basement and did not have the means to escape. After some ensuing hilarity I finally caught the thing in a coffee can, poked some holes in it (so it could breathe) and let it go in a field on my way to work that morning. I wasn't sure if I could kill another living thing that was more complex than a mosquito or small fish. Well, this weekend I found my answer.

We were talking with a neighbor when Nan saw something crossing the street and quickly identified it as a mole. I knew what I had to do. I ran up to the garage and got a spade and quickly made my way down the driveway determined to do it in. Thankfully it got tangled up somewhat in the grass so I was able to place the spade just behind its head and snap its neck in two with it. Another quick blow to the top of the handle of the shovel ensured its quick demise. Quickly examining it before putting it into the plastic bag for proper disposal I found it to be a beautiful creature in general. I had seen moles (both living and dead) before but I never noticed how slick and sleek they are. It is too bad I had to kill it, but I hate moles with a passion.

So there I have it. Not quite a Conan moment, but that's really a big step for me. Or at least confirmation that, under the right circumstances, I can track something down and snuff the life out of it.


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