I tried something different this year

I knew that once Christmas day was done, and if the pattern from years past was repeated, I would suffer somewhat of a letdown. This year I tried something different. I tried hard to revel not only in the celebration but also in the preparation for it all. I even cracked a smile yesterday when my wife and I, for the third time, got ready to host a whole bunch of family at our house (this time for my sister and brother-in-law's pre-departure pizza party). There is a real satisfaction when Nan and I set out to get something done and we are clicking on all cylinders where I have my jobs and tasks and she has hers. Of course all of the work is for one, common, purpose but it is almost poetic as we move this way and that getting this and that ready for our guests. I almost wonder if, in those real but rare moments, I get a glimpse of the "division of labor" between the members of the Trinity as They seek, draw, convict, and save. I don't think I am making too much of it because the feeling is so real and I know that we, as a couple, reflect so much more of the true nature of God than we do as individuals.

Well, at any rate, I can honestly say that there was less of a letdown this year than last. I am going to have to see if I can duplicate this next year. I would love to revel in the work as much as the product. I can't help but think that They do as well. For They are in love with each other. And my love for her, as pale a comparison as it is to Theirs, is born, in part, for times like these.


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