Random bits of whatever

A truly interesting weekend (if you were me):
  • We'll be looking at digging a drainage trench in our front garden in an attempt to dry it out so that we can effectively plant whatever we want to in there. We got some good advice about how to do that and Operation Bury Plastic Corrugated pipe will commence in 5...4...3...
  • We found some really cool planes that launch from a spring-loaded-gun thingy for 50% off at Touys R Us and promptly bought four of them. These are actually replacements for planes that the boys had a while back and we had been looking for them for about a year now. The boys are digging the distances these planes fly as they launch them continually for what seems like hours on end. Such a simple and fun toy.
  • My sons are into Star Wars Lego now in a big way as the youngest has received quite a few of them for his birthday. They never saw a Star Wars movie in their lives, but their Dad is full of all kinds of trivia about the 5.35 movies that he has seen.
  • Are you still reading this?
  • I switched fertilizers for the aquarium plants and the Java Fern is really starting to take off as a result. The anacharis I put in there a while back is finally acclimated and is starting to grow.
That's about all I have got for today. Not enough to even hold my interest as I


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