Reasons to say "yes": part deux

Or this post could be subtitled "Why I married my wife".

I got home from work last night and there was a car that had "run aground" in front of our neighbor's house. We live on a curve and it is always a wild ride through there for some people. Well, turns out the people that were in the accident were new to the neighborhood and we finally got a chance to meet them. Nice folks, nice car, and they were on their way after a bit of digging and praying.

After that family fun time I got into the house and the oldest said he had a great idea. He thought it would be spiffy to go out after dinner and "shovel". Now "shovel" means "play" to a Kindergartener so I knew what I would be doing. I was under the impression that we could just hang out after dinner until my wife said to me, "Isn't that a great idea, Daddy?" Well, it was, and I had every reason to say yes. But I wanted to say no in the worst way.

We went out and got the neighbor's and our driveway shoveled. It was a nice night - fairly mild with no wind to speak of. Those nights are few and far between in the last two weeks of January through these days in February so it was not one to be missed. All in all it was well worth it to go outside.

It was a good thing I held my response (rather that God shut my mouth) until I got input from my wife. It is still a challenge to say "yes". See what she has to put up with?


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