I guess I am still on this - that there is nothing that can happen to me, short of divine intervention, that will change who I am. I mean I learn, I grow, I change, but what causes all of these things? What (or Who) arranges circumstances to help me along this path? I think that I downplay God's activity in my sanctification so much that I attribute who I am to things that have no power to do anything whatsoever to me. It would be as silly for me to attribute my personality to my choice of peanut butter than it would be to attribute my outlook on life to anyone or anything other than God Himself.

Does this break down somewhere? I need to meditate on this some more. It seems at least counter-intuitive and may be flat out wrong. I don't know. I need to seek some counsel on this before I begin to spray it everywhere. I may have to delve into Ultimate and proximate causality before it is all said and done. And, sometimes, that stuff just makes my head hurt.


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