Mounting the Ipod in Ubuntu

OK, I am not sure exactly what happened, but I plugged in a USB mass storage device last night into my laptop that is running Linux and got an icon on the desktop that I could access to get the contents of the drive. I thought that was interesting because that is what I expected when I plugged the Ipod in. I could always get to the Ipod drive contents through gktpod or the terminal, but never through a nifty icon on the desktop.

Well, this morning, I plugged the Ipod into the USB port and there is the icon. That's interesting. gtkpod still fires up (but I get a strange error message about extended information) but I am now able to get to the Ipod drive contents through the icon. Cool. And it happened completely by accident.

Now if I could get the modem to work I would be much more complete in what I am able to do with this bad boy.


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